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23 Jun The Kodiak Video

We’d like to introduce you to the newest addition to the Bear Trucks line up: The Kodiaks. It’s a forged downhill truck that is primed and ready to rip. We decided to take them on their maiden voyage by skating down one of the best...

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29 May R&D

It takes a lot of work to create a solid set of skateboard trucks. Probably more than most of us realize. Take a peek into some of the people and processes we have to create and develop our products....

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16 Mar Bruno and Toti: Random4Life

Rough hills, big spills, soggy streets, sketchy full pipes, bike racks and couches. Sometimes the best stuff to skate is just a random assortment of terrain. Bruno and Toti are comfortable on their skateboard in just about any place you put them. Stylish too!...

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